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Chemical Processing

Shreno has designed and manufactured equipment for practically every unit operation involved in chemical synthesis and processing. Our products are custom designed to meet your unique process requirement and conform to a range of accepted design standards like ASME, TEMA, BIS, etc.

Some of the products that we manufacture on a regular basis are indicated below:

Sterile Fermentation - A range of autoclave pressure vessels in SS-304/316/316L comprising Germinators, Seed Tanks and Production Fermentors in capacities ranging from 5 ltrs. to 200,000 ltrs. - with high efficiency agitators, internal and external coils for tight temperature control, and sterile, leak proof construction validated by Helium gas testing. Customizable features to suit your unique process requirement include agitator drive and dealing arrangements, Inlet, Outlet and Sampling nozzles and Instrumentation ports.
Chemical Reactors and Catalytic Hydrogenators - Agitated pressure vessels for chemical reactions and hydrogenations that are customized to your unique requirement - in a range of capacities upto 200 KL and Materials of Construction (MS/SS/Special Steels, etc.), with optimized, high efficiency agitator designs, feed, sparging and outlet arrangements and heat transfer arrangements to suit a range of operating conditions. Our hydrogenators have a gas induction agitator design for minimal charge and maximum reuse cycles of precious metal catalysts.
Heat Exchangers - High efficiency evaporators, condensers, coolers and reboilers in a range of Shell and Tube and Finned Tube type designs - engineered according to the operating conditions of your specific process. We also manufacture Spiral Heat Exchangers specialized equipments that provide maximum heat transfer area in minimum volume, and an easily cleanable design that is ideal for handling fluids with high fouling characteristics.
Packed Columns High efficiency heat and mass transfer designs in a range of materials of construction engineered according to the operating conditions of your specific process.
Separators Static Layer Separators, Horizontal Decanters (continuous countercurrent type liquid-liquid phase separators) and Polishing Separators (vertical type solid-liquid separators) - engineered according to the requirements of your specific process.
Agitated Neutsch Filters Pressure and Vacuum type designs with cake compaction and drying features in a variety of materials of construction available as integrated systems with automatic feed, discharge and solvent recovery arrangements.
Air / Steam / Gas Receivers Pressure vessels for process and utility applications - with automatic evacuation arrangements for entrained liquids.
Liquid Storage Tanks for process area and tank farm locations - in a range of materials of construction for flammable, non-flammable or corrosive liquids - with/without integrated jackets and vent condensors for VOC emissions control.

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