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Chemical Processing

Shreno Ltd. offers an extensive range of products that provide high quality, high productivity, high efficiency and robust reliability. Our product range comprises the following product types:

Standard Solutions - We offer a range of pre-designed and proven products that are engineered in a range of capacities, sizes and throughput rates. Some of our standard products are:

Decanters and Polishing Separators - for Biotechnology, Foods and Chemicals application.

IS Machines, MDP Machines Feeder Mechanisms and Push Bar Stackers - for Glassware manufacturing.

Customizable Solutions - We have developed a range of customizable products that can be easily adapted to meet a variety of operating conditions. Some of our customized solutions are:

Germinators, Fermentors and Seed Tanks - for Biotechnology applications.

Reactors and Catalytic Hydrogenators - for Chemical synthesis.

Packed Columns and Heat Exchangers - for liquid fractionation and distillation.

Pressure Vessels and Tanks - for receiving and storage of fluids.

Engineered-to-Order Solutions - We can design and develop special purpose machines and process equipment to meet your unique requirement. Some of the solutions designed and developed by us against special requirements are:

Nine-Roller Stretch Unit - for Polypropylene Staple Fiber.

Vacuum Distillation Retort - for Nuclear Fuels Processing.

Details of our product range for specific industrial sectors are separately provided.

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